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Cultural Phototours

Julley !!!

Ladakh Photo Tours  brings to you the opportunity to forget the city hustle and adapt to the local terrain of Ladakh – live their lives, eat their food, and celebrate in their style!
Ladakh Photo tours is the leading operator of Photography Tours and Workshops, specializing in Landscape & Culture Photography and much more.

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Photography Landscaping Tour


You being a nature lover and wish to explore the magnificent landscapes of Ladakh, joins us on our specially curated countryside excursions.




Does community interactions and cultural experiences excite you? Explore the local culture, visit monasteries, interact with ethnic communities with us.




Planning a vacation with family and friends? So much to explore within a short-time? Finding it difficult to plan the proper itinerary? Ask us

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Our tours and workshops are guided by professionals, that are well in verse with the local land and excel in their specific designations.


Handpicked Adventures

Handpicked experiences local school workshops, photography workshops, tribal engagement, homestay experiences, visiting monasteries, attending local affairs and rituals etc.

Explore Hidden Destinations

Ladakh is an uncharted beauty. We will take you places that are magnificent and yet unknown to many. We will show you a world, never known before.

Our 7 years old experience of bringing tours to Ladakh and our local contacts make us unbeatable. In addition to that, our uniquely tailored tour itinerary, aligning individual interests to local experiences, is unmatchable.


Our Story

Ladakh Photo Tours is the brainchild of a Travel Photographer, Mr. Aman Chotani. The travel enthusiast decided to transform the whole concept of travel into something more inclusive of the local culture and identity. With the thought, he came up with the idea of Ladakh Photo Tours.


"To those who are enthralled by mountains, their wonder is beyond all dispute. To those who are not, their allure is a kind of madness."


Kiran vedala, Hyderabad

This is kiran from Hyderabad, i had visited ladakh this April through ladakh photo tours. I am very happy that that i had the previllage to see the true culture of ladakh. I had a great experience through out my whole tour and most importantly , by travelling along with Aman , i got to learn many new concepts of photography which brought a difference in my style of capturing pictures. I simply loved being part of the tour.

- kiran vedala


Aneej Vyshnavi, Kerala

I am Aneej, chartered accountant and photography is my passion and hobby.I had never been to ladakh before and also never to a phototour. Had came across this ladakh phototour of Aman chotani. It struck me so hard like it was in my destiny. This tour was the best experience till date in my life and the group was so fun and amazing. Seeing Pangong lake feels like heaven on earth literally and the bonfire under milky way at night..i still cherish those moments.I feel i was fortunate enough to experience it. Aman and Tani are excellent story tellers thanks for making the  trip so amazing.

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Tejas Ghate, noida

Hi guys,
I am Tejas. Architect by education and photographer by choice!! My first tour with Aman was Jodhpur holi in 2019 ...and wow!! What an experience it was!! I immediately decided to travel to Ladakh with him which turned out to be one of the best travel experiences of my life. I got to experience the best of Ladakhi culture and hospitality and also started to learn the beautiful art of storytelling. Aman is one of the best travel and portrait photographers and there is so much to learn from him.
I am definitely planning many more travels with him in future!!
Best wishes!!

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