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Landscape & Culture Photography Tour Mentor

Julley - I am Aman Chotani

Brand Ambassador / Creative Consultant - ZEISS INDIA

Works for Travel Magazines and Travel Brands as a Travel and Lifestyle Photographer.
Official Photographer for Cox and Kings from 2015-2019 and shot for 18 countries Tourism Boards.
Conduct PhotoTours & Workshops as a Brand Ambassador of Zeiss Lenses
Travel show - Travel with Aman Chotani
Works as a freelance photographer with Outlook Traveler Magazine.
Performed at National Geographic Channel Tv Show – Covershot 2015
Featured at 121clicks as The Most Inspiring Travel Photographer from India
33 International Awards and mentions.
Founder - The Last Avatar Project -
Book on Indian Tribe & Culture
Recently displayed The Last Avatar Photo Exhibition at Indian Photo Festival sponsored by National Geographic

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Aman Chotani is a professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. He spent his formative years in India, but after travelling to South Africa to complete his master’s degree in Photography he discovered his passion for travel and photography. He began as an assistant to National Geographic Photographer Louis Kleynhans and after a year he ventured on out on his own. He quickly began exploring the world documenting travel, culture, and life and eventually moved back to New Delhi India where he started his photography journey.

A self-confessed “ wanderer” Aman’s images immerse the viewer in the subject's culture, bringing a visual authenticity to his photographs. His work features landscapes and astonishing captivating portraits of indigenous people from across the world. “I take photographs to define my experiences, to capture these moments and share the earth’s most extraordinary places”
These experiences include capturing stunning images of inspiring destinations like India, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Dubai, France, Oman, Spain, Fiji, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and the UK.

Aman has received awards from many prestigious organizations including The Siena International Photo Awards 2015 (Italy), IPA AWARD, United States in the Portrait Category. He exhibits regularly in India and recently exhibited his “ Portraits” collection of work shot in Nepal to critical acclaim. He has been published in magazines and newspapers including National Geographic, Life Force Magazine, KLM I Fly magazine, India Today, Creative Gaga, The Platform, Outlook Traveler, Travel Secrets and Dodho Magazine apart from many others.


Exhibited with Indian Photography Festival and National Geographic for The Last Avatar Project 2019 in Hyderabad

Around the World in 80 Days - Group Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia - 2017
Honorable Mention for 3 Images in International Photography Awards 2016
Nominee Award at Black and White Spider Awards 2016
Featured at 121clicks as The Most Inspiring Travel Photographer from India
Honorable Mention in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015
Nominee Award at Black and White Spider Awards 2015
Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2015
Finalist of Siena International Photo Awards 2015 (Italy)
Honorable Mention in Portrait Category at ND Awards 2015
Solo Exhibition “Portraits Talk” at India Habitat Center – Delhi, 2015
Solo Exhibition “India Landscapes & Portraits” at 8th Global Film Festival, Marwah Studios – Noida, 2015
Honored by International Film & TV Club of India 2015
Nominee Award at Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 (London)
Conducted International Photography Workshop at Istanbul, Turkey 2015
Featured as Top Photo Blogger of India by Holidify India 2015
Won Bronze Award at "One Eyeland" Photography Awards 2015
Winner of Grab Your Dream, International Travel Series (Israel) 2015
Performed at National Geographic Channel Tv Show - Covershot 2015
Nominated for HIPA AWARDS, DUBAI in Portrait Category 2015
Exhibited in Digital Exhibition at SCOPE Art in Miami 2015
Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2014
Picture Selected in National Geographic as Picture of the day Worldwide - 2014
Solo Exhibition “Aman Chotani Photoarts” at Select CITYWALK – Delhi, 2014
Coffee Table on Archaeological Monuments of Bihar
Exhibited at Royal Rajasthan – Jaipur, 2014
Exhibited at “The story of the Creative” – New York City Gallery, 2013
NiceFoto Group Exhibition – Delhi ( 2014, 2013, 2012 )
Exhibited at International Women’s Day- Delhi, 2012


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