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Ahh Chu Chu !!!  In Ladakhi its an expression of feeling too cold.

Photography Tour Guides in Ladakh


Ever wondered what it is to live like a Ladakhi? Well! Ladakh Photo Tours brings to you the opportunity to forget the city hustle and adapt to the local terrain of Ladakh – live their lives, eat their food, and celebrate in their style!

Ladakh Photo tours is the leading operator of Photography Tours and Workshops, specializing in Landscape & Culture Photography and much more.

About us

Ladakh Photo Tours is an initiative to help you get in touch with the true essence of Ladakh.

Some see it as a famous “Lama Land”, some look at it as the “Land of High Passes”, and for some its just a cold desert. Allow us to take you through a journey which redefines Ladakh for you.

Through Ladakh Photo Tours, we aim to deliver experiences based on the day-to-day life of the unique ethnic communities, get you connected to the locals for a more enriching experience and as it goes without saying, help you explore the unique beauty of Ladakh and its culture.

Our close association with Ladakh and the local communities there enabled us to look beyond the majestic mountains and high passes. We experienced the Ladakhi Life! And that is what we wish for you to experience.

What do We do?

Our tours are specially curated to provide you with a holistic experience of Ladakh which includes interaction with the locals, visiting exclusive landscapes, experiencing unique local traditions and enjoying the scrumptious local delicacies. We provide you with a hands-on experience of living the local life as never experienced before.

Also, we plan special activities like local school workshops, photography workshops, interactive sessions with the tribal, homestay experiences, visiting monasteries, attending local affairs and rituals etc. to make your experience even more enriching.

Especially for the photographers, we also help them to scout sites specially catering to the nature of their project or assignment. 

If you have any other specifications in mind, we can always tailor a tour specifically to match your needs.

Travel & Safety

We understand the terrain of Ladakh could be a little harsh for the travellers. Our vehicles are well equipped to provide the much-needed comfort and safety - Comfortable Seating, Oxygen Cylinders, Emergency Safety Kit, Adequate Space to Accommodate your Camera Gear and other Luggage, etc.

Cosy Stay

We arrange your stay in the most comfortable hotels and homestays to ensure that you are well-rested and ready to explore the best of Ladakh.


Our Story

Ladakh Photo Tours is the brainchild of a Travel Photographer, Mr. Aman Chotani. The travel enthusiast decided to transform the whole concept of travel into something more inclusive of the local culture and identity. With the thought, he came up with the idea of Ladakh Photo Tours.

Photography Landscaping Tour



You being a nature lover and wish to explore the magnificent landscapes of Ladakh, joins us on our specially curated countryside excursions.

Know More
Photography Landscaping Tour



Does community interactions and cultural experiences excite you? Explore the local culture, visit monasteries, interact with ethnic communities with us.




Planning a vacation with family and friends? So much to explore within a short-time? Finding it difficult to plan the proper itinerary? Ask us




Live like a local and experience local lifestyle with no-compromise on your comfort and safety with our Homestay facilities.




Rejoice the Ladakhi heritage and know startling facts about Ladakh that are yet unknown to the outside world with our Heritage Walks.




Curate your own story and scout destinations specially catering to the nature of your project with our expert services

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