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Landscape & Night
Photography Tour Mentor

Himadri Bhuyan

1. Double Master's Degrees in Geography and Environmental Planning
2. AFIAP distinction holder from Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP)
3. Published in Nat Geo Your Shot (Daily Dozen and Assignments)
4. Published in the book "Getting Your Shot" by National Geographic.
5. Night Sky Award Winner (ILPOTY 2020)
6. 3rd Prize Winner in Fine Art Category (Chromatic Awards 2020)
7. Portfolio (story of 'Forest Guards') published in Humanity 2020-21 by HIPA.
7. Nikon School Mentor for North-East India. (June 2017 - till date)
8. Languages: English, Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya.


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Name: Himadri Bhuyan
A resident of: Guwahati Assam
Photography since: 1998
Photography as a profession since 2013
***Published in National Geographic Magazine (Print), Nat Geo Your Shot Assignments, Nat Geo Your Shot Daily Dozen, Getting Your Shot (a book by National Geographic), Humanity 2020-21 by HIPA, Landscape Photography Magazine, On-Landscape Magazine, Smart Photography Magazine, 1x, Peta Pixel, etc.
***Nikon Mentor for North East India, Mentor at Xploring Light, Mentor/Tour Leader at VisCapades.
***Awards: ILPOTY 2020 - Night Sky Award, Chromatic Awards - 3rd Fine Art, 35 Awards 2020 - Landscape Night Winner, and other National and International Awards.
***I have conducted over 60 workshops in Assam and other NE states both for Nikon and at a personal level. I conduct photography boot camps and tours from time to time to help people learn the art on the field. I also am a guest faculty in a couple of institutes in Guwahati.

Genres covered: Landscape, Wildlife, Street, Weddings, Events, Festivals, Baby Shoot, Documentary, Time Lapse, Industrial, Product, Travel as both stills and motion picture.


I'm always looking to learn something new.

Let's connect.

+91 9560467600

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