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Heritage Walks

Know Their Legacy

Every land follows a legacy. There are glorifying stories from the past that can be read on the walls and ruins of the heritage sites. Walk with us to these unique yet unexplored sites to know the Legacy of Ladakh.

How the once well-known cosmopolitan town turned into a barren isolated land? How Buddhism found its way to the Land of Bonn religion? How Ladakh holds the potential of being a role-model for the entire nation today?

Did you know Silk Route passed from the heart of Ladakh? The Lama Land has a majority of Muslim population?

There are many startling facts about Ladakh that are unknown to the outside world. Join us as we explore the various Heritage Sites of Ladakh, sharing facts and stories that are yet unknown and untold.

These Heritage Tours are guided by research experts who have been working on Ladakh History since ages. Also, special interactive sessions, talks and workshops are held with professionals and well-known dignitaries of Ladakh to give you an enhanced knowledge of the local region. Its history and significance.

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